Get The Edge: Join the World of Competitive Dance

The costumes, the music, the passion! Every once in awhile a new student arrives with the drive to jump into the world of competitive dance.

It could be your favorite dancing show on television, your favorite film… or maybe it’s been a life-long fantasy to float across a dance floor in front of an audience and take home the gold to waves of applause and cheering.

No matter what your inspiration, we’re here to support your dreams, every step of the way.

We custom-tailor a program to fit to your learning style, desired skill level, and personal dance goals so you can get up to speed… and hit the floor dancing!

Make your dancing dreams come true with this wonderful program from Arthur Murray.  

Some Interesting Facts:

There are Arthur Murray exhibition events of every shape and size. They are all designed to put your self confidence on the dance floor on the “fast track”.  Here are some examples:

In-Studio Events – These are designed to be a great starting point for students to get used to using their dancing in public.  Whether it’s to eventually go to a larger event, or just to work out the kinks of a wedding routine, this is the venue where it usually starts.

District Events – Four to six times per year there will be a larger event involving more than one studio in your area.  These events will take place at a local hotel and the event will usually finish with a professional floor show and dinner. These are open to any skill level and it’s a great way to meet other Arthur Murray students in the area.

Dance-O-Rama® – This is the largest of the exhibition events. This event is held in great locations like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Miami, and even Italy. This is a multi-day event and students that participate in these definitely come home as changed dancers. There are students and teachers from Arthur Murray studios all over the world in attendance and they are held at some of the finest resort hotels you can find. If you’re looking for the glitz and glamor of what you see on television, this is it.


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