There is no dance as intimate, graceful, and inspiring as the first one a bride and groom take together as a married couple. And, with our wedding dance lesson packages, you can know you’ll be confident when it’s time to take the floor for your big day.

From the traditional waltz to wedding reception dance music, our team of experienced instructors can have you ready to dance with each other, and your guests, regardless of what your band or DJ is playing. These packages are the perfect way to add more joy to the most important day of your life!

Dancing The Night Away

Customized Wedding Dance Lessons

Do you have a year to prepare, or just a few weeks? Although couples with more time can find a greater deal of comfort on the dance floor, and take their dancing to an advanced level, you would be amazed at what our talented instructors can teach you in just a few weeks. And, if you let us know what your wedding song is going to be, we can help you practice for that particular beat and rhythm.

Wedding Dance Lessons for Everyone

You don’t have to be the bride or groom to benefit from wedding dance lessons – anyone who plans on taking the floor during the reception can learn to be more graceful and confident in a relatively short amount of time. Why not dance with the happy new couple, or make some new friends, all while having a great time and discovering the dancing talent that’s waiting within you?

Create a Lifelong Memory

Your wedding will be remembered with photos and videos that will become family keepsakes. With wedding dance lessons, you don’t just make the event more memorable, you create images and moments that will serve as a reminder of your love for decades to come. Shouldn’t one of your best your wedding day memories be of the beautiful first dance you share together?


Take The First Step

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