Arthur Murray Dance Instruction Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up for dancing lessons?

Most new Arthur Murray students have always wanted to learn to dance, either because they want to open up their social circle or master a few moves for weddings and other special occasions. Taking dance lessons is also a great way to maintain your fitness, make new friends, and learn something you can enjoy for many decades to come. And, of course, being a good dancer is just lots of fun!

Is learning to dance difficult?

A lot of men and women assume that learning to dance must be really difficult, that they aren’t naturally very coordinated, or that it will take them many years to master the basics. In most cases, however, this is because they haven’t really tried learning to dance before, or didn’t have experienced teachers who could show them how. If you can learn to do other simple tasks like driving a car or jumping rope, you can learn to dance. All it takes is the right attitude, a good dance studio, and the willingness to enjoy yourself.

What makes Arthur Murray different from other dance schools?

While there are certainly a lot of dance studios around, there is only one Arthur Murray. Our first studio began more than a century ago, and we’ve been teaching students using proven methods and lesson plans since then. Plus, because we only hire the very best dance instructors, we are a good choice for students who are serious about making the most of their time. And finally, we want dancing to be fun, which is why our lessons feel more like social events than classes.

Do you teach all dancing styles?

We absolutely teach all the classic and well-known dancing styles you’d expect, including favorites like the tango, waltz, salsa, mambo, and swing dancing. Beginning students are exposed to lots of different styles, but most intermediate and advanced dancers will find a few that they especially enjoy and focus on those.

Can I sign up for Arthur Murray dance lessons alone, or do I need a partner?

The decision of whether or not to bring a friend or significant other to your dancing lessons is entirely up to you. A lot of students find it more relaxing to work with someone they already know, and couples can use dance lessons to get closer together. But if you don’t have a partner, you’re sure to find one in our studios.

Can I learn basic dance moves for a wedding at Arthur Murray?

Brides, grooms, and wedding guests can all take advantage of our special packages that help you get ready to take the dance floor on the big day. In fact, many who come to us for wedding dance lessons find they like our studios so much that they end up returning again for other types of lessons!

Do you teach dancing for competitions? Do I have to compete if I don’t want to?

If you want to become a competitive dancer, the experienced instructors at Arthur Murray can certainly help you. We won’t just show you the moves you need, but will also introduce you to the basics of choreography, showmanship, and improvisation.

On the other hand, if you’d rather keep your best moves to yourself, know that you certainly aren’t required to dance competitively at Arthur Murray, even as an advanced student.

I’m interested in learning to dance; how do I get started?

Simply follow this link to see our special packages and offers for new students – we’ll be excited to have you come by and learn to dance with us!