COVID-19 Update

As we prepare to get back to our beloved ballroom dancing, we want to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. Although our business is the opposite of Social Distancing we hope you will be pleased with the actions we are taking to be as safe as possible with the recommendations of all governmental and health department guidelines.

  1. We have created personal dance spaces on our dance floor by creating a grid of 8 foot by 8-foot squares. Not more than one person or couple will be allowed within each space.
  2. Implementation of tools to assist our social dancing from a distance, 6 Foot sticks to hold, and assist with lead and follow.
  3. Only 2 Private lessons will be allowed to take place at one time initially.
  4. We will continue to disinfect the studio and all high traffic areas throughout the day.
  5. Face coverings by staff and students will be mandatory, gloves will be used based on client preference.
  6. Our business hours will be accommodating our clients/employees preferred time frames to minimize the number of persons within the space at one time.

Please know that everyone's' safety is our utmost concern as we return to Dancing with friends and loved ones again. We miss you all and cannot wait to see you soon.