3 Simple Tips for Achieving Lasting Results

We all want to see positive results in our endeavors, right? I sure do! Over the years I have studied and trained on many topics regarding success principles. I am somewhat obsessed with the process and I’m always looking for easy tips and tricks that work. One of the most helpful things I’m sure we’ve all heard is “Consistency is key.” Being consistent is an idea that is not new to the world of success books and increasing productivity, but living the dream in this fun and busy world can leave us distracted from achieving what we want in the first place. We need to “trick ourselves” by being aware of common pitfalls and and have a solution.

Here are 3 of my simple tricks to aid yourself in staying consistent and achieving the results you want.


  1. Get it done before you relax!

The first thing I want to recommend, especially in regards to your evening routine, is to do whatever is on your to-do list before you relax and get settled in for the evening. Let me explain what I mean by this… At the studio, I advise our students to come straight from work to their dance lessons. They may have had a long day and think it’s a good idea to go home and relax before their class, but the second they go home and settle in, the more likely they are to cancel their lesson or skip group class. Why does this happen? I refer to it as the “butt button” at the studio. If you’re like me, you can go, go, go, but once you stop, it’s that much harder to get back up and complete those final tasks of the day. Relaxing in between may cause you to lose momentum and energy. While I think taking “a break” in between tasks can keep you energized and more focused throughout the day, it’s important to be mindful of how. The same idea applies to the gym memberships, eating habits, and skincare results. You need to get it done before you settle in or you’ll keep putting it off!


  1. Be Consistent!

This tip goes for dance lessons, gym memberships, skin care routines, your golf game, and really everything in life! Let’s talk about your skincare routine habits which is another one of my passions and businesses; bare with me for one minute gentlemen. We have all been told that you shouldn’t sleep in your makeup. Why, you ask? Every night you sleep with your makeup on, you age yourself by seven years! And…if you are wearing a sunblock or a cream with SPF during the day, the same thing applies. SPF enlarges your pores while you are sleeping. I’m sure that isn’t the type of consistent results we want. So, your mama was right yet again – wash your face before you go to bed! So what’s the point? You may see some short term results in forming new habits or starting something new, and quite often the opposite happens, we get frustrated that we aren’t achieving the results we want more quickly. It’s the consistency of doing it over and over again for an “extended period of time” that will give us the long term results that we want.


  1. Put it in front of your face!

I recently had an “Aha!” moment after and a funny back and forth my husband and I we were doing at home. As the story goes, I began to notice a mountain of vitamins containers that we take were constantly out on the kitchen counter. Me not enjoying the clutter on my kitchen counter, would put them back in the cabinet to tidy up. We played this game day after day. He would put them out on the counter and I would put them away, both not realizing what the other was doing. Of course, he’d say “Dang it, I forgot to take my vitamins again.” Days would go by after I put them away and I realized I too was forgetting to take my vitamins! Turns out my husband instinctively knew that putting them “in front of your face” was a simple way to remind himself to be consistent. A very good tip for staying consistent with our vitamins! My compromise, rather than having ALL of the containers on the counter, was to keep one bottle of out to remind us and I can still have my the kitchen tidy. The point is, it’s not enough to buy the vitamins, to buy the dance lessons or sign up for the gym membership. You actually have to go or use these things consistently, over an extended period of time, to achieve the results you want. When you put it right in front of you, you’re making it easier to take the next step and get in the habit of consistency. To be more consistent attending you’re group classes and dance parties – put out your dance shoes and practices clothes in your car the day before or that morning. If you want to be more consistent with the gym – set out your gym clothes the night before or pack your gym bag and take it to work with you. This is powerful for 2 reasons: it sets the intention and the physical action reminds you of what your goals are by putting the reminder right in front of you face!


Everyone has different areas in their life where they want an extra push or reminder to get done what they want to get done. I share these tips in hopes to inspire others and pass along ideas that I’ve learned from my own experiences as well as learning and reading from other amazing successful people. Find what helps you to be consistent and experiment with ways in which you can improve your own productivity and stay consistent for long term, lasting results.


Please, share your tips and tricks below so we can all help motivate and inspire each other!


Live, Love, Dance, and Enjoy!



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