Be That Person!

Has your day ever been turned around by a complete stranger? Everything is going wrong in your day and a friendly smile or random act of kindness changes your entire mood for the rest of the day. This person may have no idea how they affected your life with something as minor as a compliment. This ties back to the “Golden Rule” most of us were taught from a young age to “treat others how we would like to be treated.” Every day we are given the opportunity to be this person to someone else. Take the time to pay it forward if you have had a similar experience.

Be the person who…

Encourages others around them
Notices something positive about someone and remembers to tell them
Only speaks positive self-talk out loud of what they CAN do
Applauds the successes and accomplishments of those around them
Says “thank you” for the work others do
Lends a hand
Puts others first
Sees what IS possible
Speaks up for others when they are not around
Is grateful for what they do have
Sees the beauty in all people
Gives genuine compliments
Includes others
Writes a good Yelp review after a great experience
Opens the doors for others
Offers others a smile
Appreciates where they came from

We all can use a little reminder to speak on the positive things we feel in our heart. What a world of difference it can make in someone’s day or life. Be that person! Let us all make a conscious effort in this area. There isn’t anything more powerful than a kind heart, a smile and words of affirmation.

Live, Love, Dance, and Enjoy!


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