Behind the Scenes of Ballroom #Glamour

This week has been Glamour Week and we are excited to celebrate all the #elegance and #glamour (our hashtags for the week) that goes into Ballroom dancing, especially behind the scenes. And you know what? It is really glamorous!

Many of our students don’t typically “dress up” anymore in their daily life, and they certainly don’t wear ball gowns adorned with rhinestones. Shall I also mention the fabulous updos and makeup? Glamour is just one of the many fun parts of dancing at an Arthur Murray. There are so many opportunities to look and feel your best, but let’s talk about the process it takes to get to the #glamour and #elegance. One of my favorite quotes that hits the nail on the head, especially with social media, Photoshop and Hollywood these days is


“Champions don’t become champions in the ring, they are merely recognized there”

-Teddy Roosevelt


For this reason, I am such a fan of movies that are true stories (Rudy being on of my favorites). I love when a film can portray the whole story of an individual’s journey to success, instead of just merely showing them at the top and the viewer not knowing their struggle.

Your ballroom dancing journey may be very similar in this way! It’s all #elegance and #glamour for a performance but what is the process before getting to that point? What does it take for a ballroom dancer, even if you’re just learning for fun, to have the joy of achievement and accomplishment? What goes on behind the scenes?

It takes dedications to yourself, and not comparing yourself to others and their journey.
It takes working hard, but also enjoying the process.
It takes patience when your body doesn’t want to learn as fast as you want it to.
It takes repetition to get new things into your body, to own it.
It may take some bumps, scrapes and muscle aches (sometimes a wrong turn, can turn into giving your partner a noggin’).
It takes truly listening to your teachers, trainers and coaches who can see your potential to achieve well before you can.
It takes laughing off malfunctions of steps, choreography or attire and getting out there again.
It takes not doing it to be “recognized,” because somehow it never feels as good as you thought it would when you expect it, but doing it for yourself.

I believe you will receive the reward for the work you put into things, it just may not be in the timeline you planned. One day at a time, one step at a time. Have faith, have fun, work hard and you can achieve anything you want. It will feel awesome when you do! #glamourtakestime

Live, Love, Dance and Enjoy!


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