Grow Yourself

Here at Arthur Murray, we are so excited to help people learn and grow in their adulthood (of course, there are some kids here too). We just stepped off of an amazing celebration of our students as they just graduated to new dance levels. This is a celebratory time as they set new visions and goals for themselves. It is such an important part of life to work towards and accomplish things that don’t always seem possible. One of our mottos is #GrowYourself. It is important to keep the #Motivation (another one of our mottos) going throughout these mini-achievements because it helps give us the confidence and motivation for the next achievement.

There are so many benefits to attending a traditional University and a lot of them parallel the type of instruction you receive with us. One of the biggest similarities is what makes an Arthur ballroom education so different than other ballroom dance studios. We have a well-designed syllabus that strategically places your learning in layers of logical order. This not only makes sense but it is easier and more fun to learn this way, keeping the frustration to a minimum! When you learn something out of order, it can be very frustrating because it will make you believe that what you are learning is actually more difficult than it would be if you learned the right way. Imagine if you were taught multiplication before addition. It would be an epic fail, right? Learning in the proper layers helps keep you motivated because you don’t progress to the next level until your current level is confidently achieved. This method is similar to graduating out of your freshman level classes before moving into your sophomore classes.

According to a study, a college education contributes to competence and cognitive development, personal growth and quality of life. This is also true here at Arthur Murray. In addition to the growth your receive by taking dance lessons, you will maximize your personal identity and life experience the more you get involved and apply yourself, the same way college works! Immersion is the key to exponentially increase the benefits.

Consider three key benefits of applying yourself while attending college and notice how they are the same when applying yourself to your dancing goals:

1) Cognitive Skills

We don’t just lose muscle over time our brains can atrophy too. In a previous blog, we have spoken about ballroom dancing being the number one activity to combat and improve our memory and overall brain health. Learning new movements, coordinating it to music, adding in new techniques and having to orchestrate a dance to the ever-changing environment challenges our brain increases its cognitive reserve.

According to an article from Everyday Day Health – “In addition to good nutrition, regular exercise can promote vascular health to help protect brain tissue. Avoiding ruts and boredom is also critical. ‘The brain wants to learn new things,’ says Dr. Bender, adds ‘When the brain is passive, it has a tendency to atrophy.’ For this reason, sedentary and relatively passive activities can be detrimental to brain health over time.” It is impossible to be bored while learning at our Arthur Murray University! And challenging your brain…Shall I say, “Hello Cuban Motion!”

2) Personal Growth

Character development and moral growth are both benefits of attending college. As well, self-esteem, social self-confidence, and leadership abilities tend to increase as students interact with faculty and peers. In the same way, many people have expressed feeling immense personal growth when learning a new skill or hobby. Having a sense of community and belonging while learning a new skill can re-engage the mindset you had when you were a student. At Arthur Murray, we are so honored to witness so many of our students blossom into more confident adults and increase their circle of friends at the same time. Our students have built lifelong friendships with their fellow students, and that all happened because they took it upon themselves to try something new and allow themselves to grow. Often times, becoming more confident in one area can also reflect in other areas of our life as well. Many of our students have noticed their confidence blossom into other areas of their life outside of dancing.

3) Quality of Life

You’ve all heard the saying “Work Hard, Play Hard.” We are so happy to help our successful students that work so hard in their work and family life further improve their quality of life. Learning a new skill for yourself and stretching your comfort zone, all while having fun, adds so much value to our students’ lives. It is easy in our adult life to have the same routine to work, then home, and back again without any new interactions. One student’s states, “I feel like a kid again.” We love to play hard while working hard on their dancing. As shown in studies in the “Blue Zones,” which are communities of people who have adopted this outlook on life as a lifestyle, social interaction and a sense of community play a huge part in an improved quality of life. For our couples, they receive these benefits and often re-connect while enjoying a common activity. Just like the college experience, the greater involvement of the school’s culture, activities and groups, the greater the gain of the overall growth of the student.

We are elated to share such a beautiful activity and contribute to growing yourself. No need for college anymore! The Arthur Murray lifestyle is all-encompassing in achieving improved cognitive skills, personal growth and an improved quality of life!

Live, Love, Dance and Enjoy!


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