Why are we so silly you ask?

There are so many reasons to dance but what I’m going to talk about here is how important your learning experience is. I’m sure you’ve noticed that our Arthur Murray environment is completely different than any other. When you walk in everyone is smiling (that’s a separate topic in itself), laughing, and cheering. When you are new, you kind of like it but you’re probably also thinking; “these people a crazy” and “is this for real?” It makes sense; it is easy to be skeptical to an encouraging environment because there are hardly any out there. Which is crazy!

I grew up in an Arthur Murray Studio (well not literally) and for me that type of environment is the norm. It isn’t only the client experience but the staff experience as well. We think its all fun and games and I’m sure sometimes our students are thinking “can we stop laughing and get down to business?” Well my answer to that is “No” and here is why…

Why are we so silly you ask? (Get ready for the rant)

There is a proven connection between laughter, humor and good health.

Our sense of humor gives us the ability to find delight, experience joy, and release tension. Laughter activates the chemistry of the will to live and increases our capacity to fight disease. Clinic studies by Lee Bark at Loma Linda University have shown laughter strengthens the immune system by increasing infection-fighting antibodies.

Laughter reduces at least four of the neuro-endocrine hormones associated with stress which are epinephrine, cortisol, dopamine, and growth hormone.

Did you know you actually burn calories when you are laughing?

It is known as “internal jogging.” *According to Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University. 10 minutes of laughing per day is equivalent to the same number of calories as a half hour workout! (I dislike jogging anyways, so this is brilliant!)

Laughter stimulates both sides of the brain to enhance retention by easing muscle tension and psychological stress. This keeps the brain alert and enables it to retain more information.

This is exactly what we want for your Ballroom dance experience! I’m not finished here…

People who laugh full heartedly, on a regular basis, have a lower standing blood pressure than the average person. When you have a good laugh, your blood pressure initially increases but then decreases to levels below normal. This can be helpful for those of us that have high blood pressure.

Laughter and humor connects us to people, fosters relationships, and rejuvenates and regenerates our energy. Humor also helps us to avoid loneliness by connecting with others with genuine cheerfulness and it can also make you more attractive to your friends and loved ones. Editor John Morreall of The International Journal of Humor and Health, theorizes that human laughter helps inhibit the fight or flight response, making laughter a behavioral sign of trust in one’s companions.

Your body cannot heal without play,

Your mind cannot heal without laughter,

Your soul cannot heal without joy,

                        -Catherine Rippenger Fenwick

Why are we so silly you ask? That is why!


Live, Love, Dance, and Enjoy!


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