Part 2: New Year, New You Series – Practice Sessions (AKA – Dance Parties)

The New Year is well underway and you are probably almost back into your normal routine. What good habits did you resume back to and what habits still need to make the list?

Attention! All of the students out there – make sure Practice Sessions make the cut!

Part of our NEW YEAR, NEW YOU goals in our studio is to have our students put extra time and attention into those amazing group classes and practice sessions. We know from years of experience, attending those activities more often will expedite your progress.

We all know the old adage – Practice makes perfect, right? Well, that is close. But- Practice makes permanent, even better!

Any new skill you want to learn needs instruction from a professional. We can’t improve our skills in anything by only teaching ourselves. We need a teacher or a coach to help us achieve the next level of our learning. This is definitely true in Ballroom dancing and is where your private dance instructor comes into play. This is also an important part of your instruction but it’s only one-third of the Arthur Murray system that will help you achieve your goals.

Practicing the information that you learned from your instructor and in the group classes is important to help you get that information ingrained into your body (i.e. – in your muscle memory) and helps you own the information on your own. It is important to do this every step of the way. Not wait until you have learned a lot, then practice.

Our practice sessions or parties are like a scrimmage game in football (of course, I’ve never played football, but you get the idea). This is as close as we can get to assimilating what it will be like when you take your dancing outside of the studio. There are many dynamics you will want to have worked out to feel successful and enjoy yourself in a dance setting.

Some of these may include:

Dancing to the entire song without stopping

Adjusting your movements to the flow of the room

Leading and following different people or leading and following the same person

Moving quickly from one dance to another

Picking what dance goes to which music

Incorporating new steps into the dance

Incorporating new techniques into the dance

Blending patterns together seamlessly

Developing confidence

The best part is you get to develop the skills amongst other Arthur Murray students that are doing the same thing. The environment is helpful and forgiving. Nobody expects you to be able to do the things mentioned above; however, we are all working toward that goal together.

Another bonus – the Instructors are also at the party available to help at anytime. So you are not completely left to your own devices. There is always someone nearby to help you with any questions that may arise. The instructors are dancing with the students, aiding the students, and creating a fun practice experience.

This is very important, as I mentioned in the previous blog. If you went out on your own and practiced at the club before having the necessary practice, and you practice it wrong there isn’t  any help there to lead you in the right direction. Pun intended!  And now you may have ingrained something incorrectly. Could you imagine asking a stranger at a club, “What dance do you do to this?”

Remember, Practice makes permanent and we are here to help all of our students receive the right instruction, with the right system, and with the best people! Our students find the practice sessions are a great place to come and have a good time, release stress, meet people, and quite frankly get out of the house and do something that makes you feel good!

Think about how great it will feel when you are able to dance at the next wedding, work event, cruise or nightclub. See you at the next practice session!

Live, love, dance, and enjoy!


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