What was your Proudest Moment of 2017?

As 2018 begins, it is great to be thankful and not only reminisce about the good times but acknowledge our amazing achievements. Ballroom dancing keeps us fresh and alive. It stretches you in so many ways. For some it stretches them physically, for others it’s mental, and for most it’s both. Once in the journey of learning Ballroom dancing we are surprised by what we are capable of (thanks to our amazing teachers). And that becomes such a confidence builder. I’ve always believed you should work hard and play hard and dancing helps us to achieve both! So I asked…

What was your proudest moment or achievement in 2017?

This is what some of our students had to say…

“Graduating Salsa to Silver! 🙂 Thank you very much for all that you do!”

“Performing my solo routine at Mistletoe Ball. I said goodbye to 2017 in a grand way!”

“Achieving Silver levels in almost all my dances. I couldn’t have done it without Amber and Stefanie!”
-John Clarkson

“Getting to Gold 2. I never thought I would even get to Silver when I first started dancing!”
-Van Anh

“Doing my very first spotlight which was my first actual dancing type routine. It’s probably been one of my biggest accomplishments of 2017 & I’m totally stoked for what 2018 will hold for my dancing abilities!!!”

“Just staying vertical and in step has been a great accomplishment.” Words from our fun, spunky, mature male student.

“Dancing with my 2 teachers before my 2017 knee replacement.”

“Superama Dance Competition was amazing! Learning 27 dances for an event was incredible, as was receiving a Gold medal for my Waltz solo! Further proof that Orion is an awesome teacher and partner!”

‘I Participated in my first Showcase”, and for her that was a huge achievement

“My most memorable moment was when Paul (one of our other students) gave me an opportunity to dance Foxtrot with him at the Medal Ball Freestyles.”

“At our stage of life, this is something we can do together, and it is always new. That for us, is remarkable.”
-Ben and Barbara Green

Words from our instructors…

“Winning All Stars for our Area (So.Cal, Arizona, Nevada) for Supervisor, and then winning 3rd place at the Finals” (encompassing All of the Arthur Murray’s Worldwide)

“Having the opportunity to judge the Area 7 All Star exams. It was so cool to be on the other side of the desk for that one!”

“Dancing everywhere around the world. :)”

“I achieved a balance of family life, traveling, work life and my competitive dancing”

“Getting back on the competitive dance floor and performing again”

“Winning top teacher at Summer Showcase and being top specialist instructor in the district for all stars”

After Years of Dancing, “Teaching my first lesson”

“Getting on the prestigious pro-competitive dance floor at Superama Dance Competition”

No matter what your proudest moment was, big or small, they are an important step in your progress. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone this year. Challenge yourself with a new dance, a seemingly difficult step, or participating in an event that seems out of reach. Whatever you do, it’s going to be a fun and amazing 2018!

Feel free to add in the comments of additional proud moments or achievements!


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