Meet Our Amazing Coaches!

We are so fortunate to have not only the most passionate and skilled instructors here at Arthur Murray, but also to have continuous training from the best dancers/coaches in the WORLD!  This is something I have always loved about Arthur Murray… you can never be too good of a dancer or an instructor to stop learning and become better.

Each month, we have a coach come here to the studio for a couple of days for continual training for our students and Instructors alike. Because say you played golf and had lessons with a pro golfer and then one day your teacher says that they are going to have Tiger Woods come in so that you could have him coach a lesson with you and your teacher. Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? It’s the same with our coaches. On that note, I want to share with you a few of the amazing coaches from which we have had the opportunity to bring into our studio:

Daniele Scalise and Alla Andriuschenko: Daniele and Alla (who is originally from Kiev, Ukraine) are from Lamezia Terme, Italy, where they own an Arthur Murray Dance Studio.  Coming from the world of International Standard and Latin competitions, the pair has also begun to compete in American Smooth having now won Smooth Open at Superama in Las Vegas not once but twice most recently this year! Aside from their incredible skill on the dance floor, you couldn’t meet a nicer couple, and for those taking coaching lessons with them when they are in, will realize that instantaneously.

Robert Melgoza: Robert was introduced to the Arthur Murray world by his sister, dance champion Cari Jo Garcia. In 1999, Robert found a home at the Arthur Murray Redlands studio. With his natural talent for teaching students and after only a few months after becoming an instructor, Robert became the number one Specialist teacher within the Arthur Murray organization. He remained in the top for 5 years and during that time; he also quickly gained recognition in the Smooth and Rhythm dance categories. He continued dancing until he became the franchisee of the Woodland Hills studio with his wife, Christy. In a short time, Robert and Christy turned the Woodland Hills studio into one of the top schools in our organization. Robert was later recruited by Arthur Murray International to be on the International Training Team, traveling around the country training instructors and franchisees. He is currently the Arthur Murray District Leader for the studios in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Robert and Christy also became the franchisees of the Thousand Oaks location in 2013 where he is excited to help develop another amazing Team.

Serge Chmelnitzki: Serge started competing and coaching in Germany in Latin and in Latin formations on a national and international level. He has since become a top competitor, certified examiner and an Arthur Murray International top instruc tor .He has been competing for over 20 years now. Together with his wife Kristen they have been: Multiple times Arthur Murray Rising Star Finalists Multiple time Arthur Murray Ope n Finalists Arthur Murray Samba Champions. They have recently become owners of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Santa Barbara and are excited to continue it’s more than 65-year legacy in the community

Tommy Belmontez: Tommy is a Southern California guy and started his career over 15 years ago in Redlands, Ca. at the same studio that Juan De Dios Garcia, Cari Jo Garcia, Robert Melgoza and Christy Melgoza started at. He is the Arthur Murray Area 7 Dance Chairperson, partner franchisee at the Orange Studio and the Riverside studios, and an Arthur Murray Rising Star Champion and Open finalist. Tommy is a Rhythm Champion at the famous Unique DOR and has also won the West Coast Swing, Salsa, and Hustle Championships. Aside from succeeding on the dance floor, he is also known for choreographing and directing the famous Unique DOR Show. He has been a Top 20 Supervisor for 7 years running and is a certified examiner. His passion and love for dance is apparent in everything that he does! To add to his many accomplishments, Tommy is also newly appointed to the Arthur Murray Dance Board, Overseeing the Syllabus and quality of instruction of Arthur Murray Dance Studios Globally.

Luis Dettling: Luis started in one of the top Arthur Murray’s in the country – Edmonton, Canada! 19 years ago, he started his career under the tutelage of the amazing Bill Jacobsen where he worked for 7 years. Luis then became the supervisor and dance director in Coral Gables, Florida where he flourished for 4 years. During his time in the studios, he became a top competitor in both Smooth and Rhythm. Amongst many of his achievements, he was an Ohio Star Ball Semi-finalist, and a Arthur Murray finalist in both Smooth and Rhythm, so needless to say, he is well versed. Luis has even had the honor of choreographing a annual showcase for Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas! He has continued with Pro/Am competitions until recently, where his students have won 1st place at many competitions in both Smooth and Rhythm Scholarships. Luis is a certified examiner and now has the pleasure of traveling, coaching, and judging is studios across the globe! We are excited to have him in the Melgoza Schools!

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