11 Ballroom Dance Rules to Improve Your Dancing

  1. Men brush toward the supporting foot, lady brush to the supporting foot
  2. Your nose goes with your toes
  3. When your turn right look left, when you turn left look more left
  4. When it Doubt “stick it out” – this means your arms go up and out in open position
  5. When Turning left, face in (Diagonal center) when turning right, face out (diagonal wall)
  6. In smooth, Ladies stay on the right side
  7. Traveling dances move on the outside of the floor, stationary in the middle of the floor. Traveling dances travel counter-clockwise (Think roller skating, NASCAR, running track)
  8. The person on the inside of the turn travels less, while the person on the outside of the turn travels more
  9. The Rhythm dances have toe leads while the smooth dances have heel leads.
  10. The man suggests and the lady agrees (A better understanding of lead and follow)
  11. For a Lady, when moving back, stay forward when moving forward, stay forward

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