Finding Your Greatness

I love his message in this vlog.

You would think that “finding your greatness” means finding out who you are are what your gifts are and while that may be partly true, Jonathan states (and this is my favorite part) – “Mediocre Talent can change the World.” You don’t have to be born with these gifts like Tiger Woods, Shaquille O’Neil or Christina Aguilera. There have been many successful Mediocre talented people who have become great. One of Jonathan’s examples included Britney Spears. We all know she isn’t the best vocalist but yet she has grossed more than Christina Aguilera. She worked on her weakness but also found her strengths in performance and marketing. Hate her or love her, she is great. In other words, “don’t let your weakness be a stumbling block.”

The first thing is, you have to be hungry to develop your skills. Utilize your strengths but still work hard on your weakness. Just because Brittany’s voice wasn’t an automatic, she still worked and worked on it, so it was good enough. Don’t let your weaknesses get in the way of your confidence. Of course, walk in your confidence but not in arrogance or cockiness.

I have seen this to be true of many of the top people in our industry. Some of the top Ballroom dancers and business people weren’t the ones that automatically had “it”. They had the hunger and dedication to be better and aligned themselves with the people that could help them. In fact, I know someone who is very high up in Arthur Murray and is known as the authority of Ballroom Dancing who got turned down 3 times in his initial Ballroom dance teacher audition because he wasn’t a good enough dancer.

What do you feel are your weaknesses that you are avoiding?

Remember – Mediocre Talent can change the World

Live, Love, Dance and Enjoy


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