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How many dances have you danced? Are you a Super Addicted Dancer? Take the Ballroom Dance Survey and see where you rank.

In the beginning of your dance journey, you don’t quite realize how many different dances are offered. The most common dances people learn to start are the Salsa, Swing, Rumba, Cha Cha, and Waltz. Once you have learned the “standard” Ballroom dances, you begin to take an interest in other, more advanced, dances that we offer.

The best part is that you start to see how much the dances relate to each other, and you begin to appreciate how fun they are. Below, you will find a list of different dances that you may or may not have danced before. Of course…if our list included every dance that ever existed, you’d be here all day. Who knows, maybe this list will open you up to even more dances that you can learn with us at Arthur Murray. So now I want to know, how many dances have you danced?

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