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What’s your reason? Tell us how it’s changed…

Was it curiosity, an upcoming wedding, wanting to learn a new hobby, or looking for a way to skip out on the gym?  There are so many reasons people initially learn to dance. Whatever brought you into the studio for the first time might not be the reason that made you fall in love with dance.

There are students that come in to learn a first dance for their wedding, but discover that dance is something they want to do to stay connected and spend time together. When you think about it, how much quality time do you really get with your partner when going to see a movie? Not that much time, if any at all. When you dance together, every minute is quality time.  Couples who dance together learn how to be in tune with each other.

Dancing together requires a lot of trust from both partners.  The leader trusts that his partner will pick up on his physical cues to guide her around the floor. The follower trusts that their partner will lead them without stepping on their feet or dancing them into another couple on the floor.  Regardless of who wears the pants outside the studio, when you are dancing it is important that the leader makes quick decisions, and the follower trusts in these decisions. Many couples swear that the bond they share inside of the studio helps them outside of the studio.

Sometimes a student is just looking for something different in their lives – it could be for social reasons, it could be just a new hobby. We have so many students that make very interesting discoveries about themselves that really surprise them. What we want to know is what you have discovered about yourself through dance, and how your original reason evolved. Your story just may be our next blog. Leave a comment on our Facebook thread, or send your story to us directly at

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