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Three of The Most Positive Benefits you Will Learn from Dancing

Three of the most positive benefits you will gain from Dancing!!!!


Growing up in the dance world was amazing and quite frankly one of the most rewarding and beneficial steps I have taken in my journey of life. Dancing is not just a skill but also a lifestyle and a method to express our feelings. Dancing can be how we show our loved ones we care or how we overcome our everyday obstacles from the typical workday to life’s struggles. I appreciated what dancing provided to me especially the hundreds of benefits I received from it. I thought I would spare you and give you my top 3 benefits you would get from dancing.


#1. One of the first benefits you will gain from learning how to dance is purely physical.  Most people dislike the gym because of the repetitive nature and limited mental exertion associated with a treadmill or lifting weights. Sure, you can get a work out, but who wouldn’t want to do something more exciting, fun, and easy. Exercise is one of the key benefits that most people want to gain, from any physical activity. Dancing is very physical, fun, and you don’t really think about the physical exertion that goes with it when you are sweating to your favorite jams.


#2 The second important benefit you can gain from learning how to dance is purely social. People are so obsessed with their phones, Facebook, twitter, snap chat, etc. Why do we live through other people when we can be the person that other people want to be like? Focus on your life! Get out more be the one that everyone wants to live vicariously through. Some of us are shy and we don’t like to get out. This will help you become more social, allowing you out a little bit more, possibly on a date with that one person you have been wanting to get to know more (or for those who are in a relationship, an opportunity to continue getting to know each other).


#3 The third benefit is purely emotional. I know when I go to the club or go to an event and I see a couple that looks amazing on the floor, I like to stop and watch. How would you feel if you were that couple that just walked onto a dance floor and everyone around you could not help but stop and stare? Although you may be shy, in the back of your mind you must still appreciate the fact that they are thinking “wow” about you and your dancing. Most people feel that dancing is something that they would like to do, but find it hard to master. You do not need to be a professional, or be of a professional caliber to stand out on the floor. You can still “blend in” and be noticed after learning just a few patterns in a few dances. You can still feel accomplished, and confident in social situations, or at the next company party, and have many people come up and compliment you. Dancing can create that for you.


Hopefully one of theses three will relate to you. If you are currently dancing please let us know what you have gained from your dancing, and share it with the individuals who want to test the waters, and wanting to learn what Arthur Murray is all about.


Zak White

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