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Tony and Pam’s Story

“Tony and Pam’s Story “

Every so often, we like to assign our couples a questionnaire to remind them, and us, about why they began taking dance lessons, why they love to dance, and why they continue dancing together at our studio. This week we asked Tony and Pam Lopez to fill out a questionnaire and felt compelled to share it with all of you.

Tony to Pam:

“I am so happy to be taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray with you because I get to hold you knowing I never want to let you go, yet we make time to try and learn how to Dance Salsa. Sharing our time with the best of instructors helps me improve dancing on time, improve footwork, hand or arm turning and express how wonderful and loving our time at Arthur Murray has become.

I hope we can still be dancing with one another when we are 101 years old. I hope we can inspire the young adults that ballroom dancing can bring you, as couples, closer together and keep you in love for a lifetime.”

Pam to Tony:

“I am so happy to be taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray with you because it has and is an enjoyable, energizing time we can spend together. We have shared the experience of learning new things, meeting new people and going to a variety of beautiful venues. Being on the dance floor gives us the opportunity of stepping into a world of motion and music that transcends the everyday world. Being on the dance floor as a couple with you is magical.

I hope we can continue dancing and developing our skills. We have learned so much. The more we learn the more fun we will have!”

If you don’t know who Tony and Pam are, let me give you a little background on their story. Tony became interested in dancing when he was a boy.  He was amazed when he saw a woman, a close family friend, effortlessly move across the dance floor.  He wanted to do the same thing.  From a young age, Pam always enjoyed listening to music and responded to its mood. About a year before they started Tony mentioned that he would like to take dance lessons.  That put “dance” on Pam’s Radar. One day she saw an ad for the studio and decided it was time to start.  Not long after, they walked into the studio for their introductory lesson. That was on March 8th, 2012. “Before we knew it, we had signed up for a series of lessons.” It has now been over 3 years since that day they walked into the studio, and they continue loving it and sharing that love with anyone who will hear it!

Speaking of…they wanted to make sure to provide some words of wisdom for every couple to make dancing even more enjoyable:

1) Turn you lesson time into a “date night”.  Go out for coffee or more afterwards.

2) Don’t miss Robert’s “musicality” class.  It explains the different dances and their beat count.

3) For men, the dance floor is the one place where the man is definitely in charge.  Take advantage of the opportunity!

4) For women, let the man lead!

5) It is very beneficial to have a split class (or a split lesson).  The lead gets to concentrate on the techniques that will help him understand his role.  The woman learns her role in making the dance move more smoothly.

6) If you truly want to learn and improve, be sure to take time to practice.

7) Do not be critical of one another. Dancing is supposed to be fun!

8) Find a dance and music for it that you both enjoy.

9) Listen to a variety of music at home.

10) It does really help to have “dance” shoes.

11) It helps to arrive early for your lesson so you will feel more relaxed.

12) Be patient with yourself and your significant other.  It takes time to build an understanding of the movement in your dancing.

13) Do not compare yourself to others you see in the studio.  Everyone has a unique style.

14) Attend a dance event outside the studio.  It is a very enjoyable way to become immersed in the world of dance.

15) Dancing together is an opportunity to share an experience.  It is a wonderful way to be together for many years to come.


I hope that when you come into our studio, to dance with your significant other that you can continue to feel the “magic” in each other’s arms.


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