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Events, and why you should attend them!

Events, and why you should attend them!

I am constantly asked what got me into dancing, why I love it so much, and what has kept me in it for these many years. Events! It’s all about the events!

What got me into this business were the events. The opportunity for travel in this company is amazing. You can travel to your favorite destination, or your dream vacation spot, and combine dancing with other pleasure. Next week we will be travelling to San Francisco for World Dance-O-Rama with dozens of other studios, and hundreds of other people for 5 days of non-stop dancing, networking, cheering, and overall Arthur Murray excitement! It’s like a Pep Rally on steroids!

Why do I love them so much, you ask? Events are the next step in your dancing! If you imagine a runner preparing for a marathon, was the marathon the reason why they started running? Most runners will say no. Most of you also didn’t start dancing because you wanted to attend a Dance-O-Rama. You started dancing because it was something you always wanted to do. Or maybe it was the wedding, or the cruise, or the holiday party? Or maybe it was the desire to wear the dress and be the princess; or wear the tails and be the gentleman? Whatever it may be, most of you never expected to ever go to your first event. (Or did you?)

The event, for most, is the next organic step in learning. You want to practice for the wedding, so you come to a Friday Night Practice Session and perform in front of the attendees. You love the idea of performing, so you attend Showcase to perform a Solo routine in front of hundreds of people. You want to gain confidence, but also feel at ease, so you spend 5 days in Hawaii at the Grand Wailea and perform your sequences over and over while taking in the sun and spa on the beautiful island of Maui.

We are focused on making sure we improve ourselves from day to day and lesson to lesson. We always want a marker or a “progress check” to make sure that our time and effort is leading to an improvement. It isn’t easy, but the results from each event will last throughout your dancing journey. You will run the gambit of emotions: from fear and nervousness before the event, to elation and frustration in your performance, to exhaustion and excitement in the end. Then you will come back with the realization that in the preparation for that one event, you have progressed the equivalent of 15-20 lessons!

So next time your teacher asks you to attend an event make sure you weigh the benefits in the outcome before saying no. Think about the reasons why you started dancing, and how this will get you that much closer to your goal.

Unless you want us to give you a big fat “Told you so!”

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