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Sharing Our Love Of Dance

For Valentine’s Day this year we asked everyone who came into the studio to write on a paper heart why they love to dance. We got so many great responses that we just have to share with the world what they said. Everyone learns to dance for different reasons and the benefits we reap are also very different at times. This list is word for word what each student or teacher wrote and shows just how many different ways dancing can improve our lives!


  • It’s my life!
  • Its gives me a chance to be somebody I’m not.
  • It’s who I am
  • I love dancing because it brings me to life, brings a big smile on my face!!!
  • I love looking into my husband’s eyes.
  • I love dancing because it’s new and exciting, and it’s such a fun way to spend time with friends!
  • I love having a special hobby to share with my husband!
  • I love dancing because then my arms are with filled with joy.
  • Dancing has made me a better person!
  • I love dancing because it’s good energy for me.
  • I can jump around
  • I wanted to learn how to dance and I received lessons as a gift.  Now I can’t stop!
  • It allows me to do something I thought I could never do… Share the benefits of learning how to dance! Plus being able to dance with anyone, anywhere!



  • Dance is food for your brain, your heart, and your body.  Don’t deprive yourself.
  • Words cannot express the joy we feel when we dance! -Patrick and Margaret
  • Dance causes your love for your mind to be expressed on the dance floor.
  • Be one with the MUSIC.
  • “The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, and peace.” To teach is to love.  Love is feeling of attraction.  Love is fondness for friends.  Love is to cherish.
  • God respects us when we pray and he loves us when we dance.  Dance celebrates life!
  • Love makes the world go round, holds the stars and planets in their place and mankind alive.



  • It makes me happy! It makes me feel like a pretty princess!
  • I love dancing because I can be myself!
  • I love dancing because it’s fun.
  • It makes me SMILE!
  • I love to dance because it makes me happy!
  • I dance with my husband and love!
  • It makes me feel pretty.
  • I like dancing because I have fun here.
  • It’s more fun than the gym!
  • ‘Cos it’s fun!
  • I love dancing because it’s fun and I enjoy it.
  • It helps me become a better leader.
  • It makes me feel great!
  • I love to dance with my valentine!
  • Because my wife said so!



  • I like to dance so I can have a dance boyfriend named David!


So which of these reasons applies to you? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to share your love of dance throughout the whole year!

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