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Reasons Why Love + Dancing = Perfect Match

Reasons Why Love +Dancing = Perfect Match


It’s February, the “Month of Love”; the time when everyone is seeking ways to show their significant other the millions of ways they love them. Valentine’s Day is this week. It’s a time when we want to go out dancing because we get to hold each other. As we celebrate the second-busiest card-giving season in the year (8 billion cards in the United States alone according to Hallmark) and eat chocolate out of 35 million heart-shaped boxes, let’s remember why Dance is the one gift that should never be missed – not just every Valentine’s Day, but EVERY DAY!!

In a recent article from, it stated that love and dancing is a match made in heaven. Here are the top 5 reasons in MY chronological order why I feel this is so:

1)     You must bring trust to the partnership. Like dating, dancing must involve a mutual trust between both partners. The more you get to know each other, the quicker the trust develops. Rather than supporting yourself in a difficult move, or not believing that your partner can do his or her own part, you should allow your partner to help you. If you trust your partner to never let you fall in a move, you can trust your partner to never let you fall in life.

2)     Unless you focus on your personal issues, your dance, and at the same time your relationship with your dance partner, may end in failure. In ballroom dancing, the man is responsible for direction and timing, and both partners are involved in moving their own bodies. You must take control of your own actions, balance, and stand on your own two feet. If you look into yourself, and your own dancing, your relationships, and other areas that may need some improvement, will improve dramatically!

3)     Consider how your partner feels in your arms. Try and look at your romantic partnership as a dance partnership. For it to be smooth and successful you need to make sure you don’t step on each other’s toes. You also need to look out for your partner’s needs and make sure that he or she looks out for yours.

4)     The man should always lead yet the woman shouldn’t always follow! Contrary to popular belief, the higher you get in the levels of ballroom dancing, the less the man leads and the less the woman follows. In the best relationships, there is a balance of power; the same will be found in ballroom dancing. One partner doesn’t have to do all the work, there is a driver and someone along for the ride – and it changes almost every step!

5)     Ballroom dancing and romantic relationships both employ a full range of emotion. Have you heard your teacher attach emotions to your dances? Do you find yourself feeling romantic in Rumba, flirty in Cha Cha, passionate in Tango, or playful in Swing? Every new movement in dance brings out a new feeling, the same way that highs and lows in relationships can create new emotions and experiences. When you feel something, you can express it through your movements, and when you love someone show them off to your partner.

Now for those of you who like to share in the love of dancing alone, or within your own body, we also have you covered.

In your dance journey, it is okay to go with your instinct and it is okay to do your own thing. It is okay to change direction as your love for dance evolves; just make sure to follow your heart. Never lose sight of what makes your movement yours.

Dance from your heart, and live from your heart. I had a student tell me, “Some days when I come to class I am extremely happy and I just want to show everyone how happy I am on that floor. Then there are days when I come with sadness, anger, or frustration, which I am able to release through movement. Whatever I feel in my heart is the thing that comes out in my dance. And after I have my lesson, or group or party, I feel a million times better.” I think that is self-explanatory! Just remember every body and everybody is beautiful. We all have that vision of the dancer that we would like to be, or that dancer we would like to emulate. We also have that image of the couple we want to look like to our friends and family. Just remember that you are you, and your movement is yours, and how you interpret your dance through your body is beautiful.  And two beautiful bodies make one DAMN GOOD partnership.

So treat this holiday as everyday! Yes, Valentines Day is around the corner, and dancing is something that you can give yourself and/or your significant other, but make sure that it becomes a gift that continues giving EVERY DAY of EVERY YEAR! You have met your perfect match.




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