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Is a Strong Leader a Good Leader?

Is a Strong Leader a Good Leader?

            It is a myth that a ‘strong’ leader is a good leader when it comes to leading in Ballroom dancing. In fact, you cannot produce a cookie cutter strong lead because there are not any cookie cutter dancers which is why you have a distinctive experience in Ballroom dancing each time you step onto the dance floor.

In actuality, a gentleman that understands his role properly is going to lead his partner without ‘strength’.  Leaders should spend time emphasizing a solid, still frame without putting too much muscle into it. On the other hand, you don’t want a frame like referenced in ‘Dirty Dancing’ where they say  “spaghetti arms.”  As the leader becomes more familiar with their role, they will be able to have girls basically following them anywhere.

If fact, leading is like salt, you only incorporate it as required. You first taste the food, and add it as necessary. The same is true with leading: you first want to test the waters then add a little stronger lead. You don’t want to leave your partner feeling in’salt’ed.

Bear in mind, that great dancing is similar to a good conversation. You don’t usually start-off discussions with “Do you want to get married?” In dance, leaders have a tendency to go right into their innovative, advanced steps. This can leave their partner feeling like they’ve been hit with a bull dozer and want to run away.  Whenever you can, start with more basic movements and slowly work your way up as the dance continues.

With all things considered in regards to leading, the leader should only add as much lead as necessary to accomplish the communication for their partner to ‘hear’, and respond too.  Once the leader really understands this concept, the dancing starts to transform and becomes a lot more fun.  Not to mention that the women want to come back to you for more!

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