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Fun Facts About Dancing…Stage and Screen!

Fun Facts about Dancing…Stage and Screen!

Have you ever watched shows or any films that had some kind of dancing or ballroom dancing? Well, I just came across a scene of a film that had incredible Vaudeville dancing. In the turn of the century, the first successful flight was made by the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford’s motor business began, and modest flats in large cities were left by a huge number of people as they flocked to view the incredible performers of Vaudeville.

Harry Fox, a Vaudeville dancer and comic, is credited for popularizing the Foxtrot when he trotted to ragtime music over the Vaudeville stage. Arthur Murray continued the popularization of the dance by making it accessible and simple for all to learn. Pretty cool, right?

Then I thought to myself…if Harry Fox as well as other Vaudeville acts accidentally created The Foxtrot…how many other fascinating and fun details about ballroom dancing in the movie and entertainment business may exist?  After searching the World Wide Web, I found you a few surprises concerning the very best ballroom dance films that I have personally loved.

Who was offered the lead of Dirty Dancing and turned it down?

Recall that unforgettable film Dirty Dancing? This film was never really intended for world wide release, although it may be among the most well-known cult classics ever. The Film was just meant to show for one weekend in theaters, and after that, direct to home video. In a nice surprise, Dirty Dancing created an enormous success both in the United States and Internationally. Also, were you aware the lead was offered to Val Kilmer? Although Val Kilmer is terrific, I believe we all concur that Patrick Swayze and his amazing dancing was a perfect fit!

Who first said “No” before accepting the lead in his dance movie?

Would you believe Antonio Banderas said no when he was offered the lead role in “Take The Lead?” How insane is that!  Antonio declined because it was a movie about ballroom dancing. How snooty! It wasn’t until Antonio Banderas investigated further into the story of Pierre Dulaine, and fully understood his generosity, that he accepted. He loved how the character taught manners and respect through ballroom dance. After that, a great film was made!

Which movie was filmed at an actual Ballroom dance competition?

This movie may not be among the most popular ballroom movies ever, but Strictly Ballroom’s ending scene was actually shot at a real live dance competition. Additionally, the well-known coat worn by the main character, Scott, was the highest priced costume in the whole movie. It took an astonishing 6 weeks to make!

Which film was first released with sub-titles?

I remembered sitting down in the theatre getting ready to watch this movie and I was so excited! Then I was told it was in sub-titles. My expectations obviously were not very high at that point. The movie “Shall we Dance” in its original 1996 Japanese film was shockingly amazing. So, if you have seen the 2004 version with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez, which by the way was a great interpretation, you have to see the Japanese version. You will be delightfully surprised.

Thanks for checking in and reading my quirky blog. Hopefully it was enjoyable to read as it was for me to write.

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